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Aired: December 11, 2014 Sacka on the Wealth Transfer show on CTN (Christian Television Network) Thursdays 10pm EST & Saturdays 10am EST.This series explains the ongoing and upcoming of the Shemitah, the Jubilee, and the four blood moons, all coming due around this September 2015 and how it ties with the ancient mysteries of Moses on Mt. Sinai. Dr. Charles Vance and Terry Sacka, AAMS also tie together these biblical prophecies with the greatest market crashes in U.S. history and explain how these events will impact your current state of economic affairs.Visit the link above for more videos.Cornerstone Asset Metals601 Heritage Drive Ste 413Jupiter FL 33458CAM Administration1906 South Main St Ste 122Raleigh NC 27587888-747-3309