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Yesterday in lower Manhattan, 30,000 (organizers say 50,000) Haredi Jews gathered to protest an Israeli government proposal to remove the exemption ultra-Orthodox have from military service. Jane Eisner, editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, discusses the protest and the larger context of the ultra-Orthodox in Israel and the US today.

Dude taking a selfie at the #nyatzeres (photo by @ykatzstudios)

— Jacob Kornbluh (@jacobkornbluh) March 10, 2014

"We heard there was kugel!"

— Yair Rosenberg (@Yair_Rosenberg) March 9, 2014

Great photo of ppl squashed together on train on way to #nyatzeres

— Jacob Kornbluh (@jacobkornbluh) March 9, 2014

Literally right outside my office! Well organized religious service and protest. #Israel #NYC

— Tariq Nisar Ahmed (@tariqnisarahmed) March 9, 2014