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Jeffrey Jay dares his audience to ask him anything offensive. If they get his goat, he pays them $200.

As the unstoppable engine of Marriage Equality chugs forward in 2014, we can look forward to an exciting new discussion on LGBT workplace equality, especially when it comes to trans folks. But here’s the catch: not all trans people agree on what equality means for them.

In order to move forward, you gotta name it to claim it. Or do you? Some folks who have been assigned one gender at birth but grow up to be another don’t even want to use the word trans to describe themselves.

Joining us today is comedian Jeffrey Jay who has quite a bit to say about all the attention trans folks have been getting lately. Jeffrey tours colleges across the country and dares his audience to ask him offensive questions about being trans. If someone hurts his feelings he says he’ll pay them $200.

So far nobody has nabbed the prize, because nobody dared to comment on Jeffrey’s tacky khaki shirt and pants. Can I have the $200 now Jeffrey?


India’s 14 inch butt hair god.

If having a long tail makes you a monkey god, then having a large would make you the elephant god. His wife’s not having it.

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You know Facebook Likes are a scam because no way in hell do 17 million people like Kim Kardashian.

And rest in peace Shirley Temple Black, Hollywood’s youngest Oscar winning actress and ambassador to the Czech Republic died, she was 85.

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson with Shirley Temple. Shirley Temple leaves behind a fascinating legacy of her entertaining, disturbing and unique films.