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Teri Yaki, Marc Felion and Dakota.

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! For many people Valentine’s day is super annoying, with the social media getting clogged up with tacky valentines, desperately horny singles pleading for nookie, obnoxious couples flaunting their relationships, and Taylor Swift.

But screw that– Valentine’s Day is all about love, and so we’re spending it with two bad girls you’ll love, Teri Yaki and her gal pal Dakota.

Listen as these wanton women dish the behind the scenes dirt on Chicago drag queens, and give us their she-larious take on all the hot news:

Facebook now allows you to customize your gender identity, allowing for people to label themselves as transgender, cisgender, genderqueer, intersex and much much more.

Don’t worry about outing yourself as trans, nobody’s looking at these anyways.

Russia bans anyone who could possibly or remotely be gay from ever adopting.

A woman slices off the tattoo of her cheating boyfriend’s name and mails it to him.

Miss Reynolds, the woman who cut off her tattoo and mailed it to her cheating boyfriend said “after I had posted it to him, I didn’t receive a response from him.” Because he was too busy screaming and running away.

Will you kiss the Make-Out Practice Pillow?

When your erotic dreams are also your nightmares.

And the wolverine cat is the hottest pet craze.

The Wolverine cat does not come with adamantium claws.