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Cunning Minx really really likes microphones. Photo: Cunning Minx

Relationships, like the people who make them, are as beautiful and unique as the stars in the sky. Some relationships are stricly monogamous, while others are quite fluidic.

Sooner or later this question comes up: should we open up our sex or romantic life to others? Are you a bad person because you fantasize about seeing your lover with someone else?

You say you want a three way, but don’t want to have it wind up being weird, or even worse, destroying your relationship.

Three ways go much better when you’re all models hired by a photographer to have a good time.

Today, writer, polyamory expert and talk show host Cunning Minx joins us to talk about the common mistakes people make when opening up their sexual and romantic relationships to others.


Doctors invent an internal orgasmic device for women.

Hopefully this new orgasm machine wont try to kill anyone like the one in the film Barbarella.

The woman arrested for making meth who made out with her brother in jail, is back in the slammer for strangling her husband.