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Paul Lamere works for a company that tracks tons of user data from music streaming sites, so it's important that he understands what people listen to, and where they listen to it. In doing some research into listener preferences, he noticed that different states listen to particular artists at a higher frequency than the rest of the country. So he made a map. BuzzFeed posted it under the title "This Map Reveals Every State's Favorite Band," and it went viral.

And people went nuts. Why? Because the name Bruce Springsteen floating over New Jersey doesn't set off any alarm bells, but who the heck is Bonobo?

Soundcheck digs a little deeper, and finds out that Jay Z has conquered virtually half of the country's streaming playlists. Also: New Yorkers really don't like country singer Luke Bryan.

Visit Paul Lamere's blog and view his various maps for each state's distinctive artist, favorite artist by region, and state-by-state "anti-preferences."