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Here we have the infamous bus tapes from Jazz musician and drumming legend Buddy Rich in the early 1980's when Buddy was in his 60's. Buddy Rich's tirades were infamous among all the musicians who played with him. Buddy was very confident in his physical threats because he held a black belt in Karate.Several tirades were secretly recorded by pianist Lee Musiker on the tour bus and backstage. On one recording, Buddy threatens to fire Dave Panichi, a trombonist, for wearing a beard and a saxophonist for trying to lead the band on the bandstand. He even goes after the bass player for his bass amp sound.What I have done is take the separate recordings and filter, EQ and compress the audio to reduce background noise (mostly the bus engine) and enhance Buddy's dialogue. The end result are "Bus Tapes" heard like never before with Buddy Rich front and center.These rants are so famous that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld used parts of them in Seinfeld episodes.