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or - The Conjuring Trailer! - Click to Subscribe! - Visit our site! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us!If history has proven anything, it's that haunted house movies never go out of style. Okay, well maybe history has proven some other things too, but that's not what we're here to talk about today on Clevver Movies. No, my friends. Today, I'm going to hit you with a Clevver Review on James Wan's summer horror flick, "The Conjuring." "The Conjuring" chronicles the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, experts in the paranormal, and the Perron family, who start experiencing strange activity after they move into a new house. The Warrens attempt to help the family, and in the process of doing so, encounter a lot of evil...don't worry, no spoilers here. But "The Conjuring" is more than just your average haunted house movie. It's creepy, it's fun, and who doesn't love a clever, well-written, well-acted horror movie based on a true story? It's definitely worth a watch, and in my opinion, it's a genre film that can absolutely stand up to the summer blockbusters. "The Conjuring" delivers the shocks and scares, but I was surprised to hear that the MPAA wouldn't let James Wan cut anything to get a more favorable rating, slapping the movie with an "R." I don't know if the movie really deserved that rating, because compared to "Evil Dead" this flick is pretty tame. In fact, I think James Wan did a great job with "The Conjuring," and was able to bring an element of class to the genre, relying on a great story and characters more than blood, guts, or sexy scenes that don't serve a purpose other than just an excuse to check out some hot actresses' boobs. You guys know what I mean..."The Conjuring" definitely gets my stamp of approval. It's a well crafted horror movie that will appeal to a wide range of audiences, and will probably launch a million Google hits for...