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Directed by : Sam Garbarski Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 43 min French release: 09/05/2007 Production year: 2006 Maggie, in her fifties, must absolutely find a large sum of money to pay for her seriously ill grandson’s medical care. When she comes across a “Hostess Wanted” advertisement outside Sexy World, a very private club in Soho, Maggie doesn’t hesitate to walk through the door. The job description for this particular line of work is rather surprising for a respectable widow, but Maggie is ready to do anything to earn this last-chance money. She accepts the job. At Sexy World, Maggie discovers a universe light-years away from the cosy little suburb where she lives. She quickly realizes that Miki, the club’s woman-chasing boss, isn’t immune to her charms. Advised by her colleague Luisa, who teaches her the ropes, conscientious and courageous Maggie becomes Irina Palm, the most sought-after and well paid hostess in all of Soho. Although Maggie is happy to note that she is still resourceful despite her age, her double life finally begins to make her son suspicious and her bitchy “friends” curious. But Maggie isn’t a woman who’ll give up so easily.More info: