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UserCreated Top 5 Countdown is a show to promote YouTube Artists in a top 5-esque format, and along the way, critique on the videos and give feedback. It's better than just commenting on videos, where I can get to listen to it fully. If you love that YouTube user, we encourage you to subscribe to the artist as a way of giving back to the artist. I have been doing this on YouTube since September 2007, and I have seen changes in the viewing habits.UserCreated: Top 5 Countdown is to showcase YouTube Talent without prejudice. Whether you have low subscribers, or no subscribers, or if you are a newcomer, and you have got talent on the countdown, this is where we showcase it.It's Originals Week. I decided to show you top 5 Original songs from various YouTubers at the moment. consider it a Shoutout (Just to get noticed), but I'm still critiquing because I love you all, and I take that very seriously. It's been a pet peeve of mine (Since 2007), but it's there to help you out.Check out the Top 5 Archives HERE: Episode (September 14,2007) HERE: