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Ey, ha ha, make a wish girlYou deserve itUh-huh, ha, ha, yeah[Verse 1: Cher Lloyd]Baby, I seen the chick you're with, wish that I never didFreakin' perfect and five foot ten, just wanna punch her lip'Cause I know I've been wasting time tryinna catch your eyeYeah I know that I been so blind thinking that I'm your typeAnd now I'm at home, I'm all alone'Bout to pick up the telephoneGot to call my genie so he knows, yeah[Chorus:]I wish I was tall, I wish I was fastWish I could shop with a bag full of cash'Cause If I want you, I gotta have that(Come, come kiss me boy)I wish I had style, I wish I had flashWish I woke up with a butt and a rack'Cause If I want you, I gotta have that(Come, come kiss me boy)(Uh-huh, yeah)[Verse 2: Cher Lloyd]Baby, I'm gonna keep it real, boy you da one I wantI don't own any five inch heels, just got my Nike's onNever thought I was insecure, boy look at what you done (what you done)I don't know what I studied for, clearly you like 'e