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The movie "Philomena" is the heart-warming true story of Philomena Lee - a woman who was forced to give her child up for adoption in the 1950s. Portrayed by Judi Dench, Lee goes on an international journey to find her son after 50 years of keeping his existence a secret. Now the real life Philomena Lee is making the rounds to promote the film, talking about the tearful day her son was taken. SOUNDBITE: Philomena Lee saying (English): "For 61 years, I can see that last of him looking out the back window. I can still see his little face. This nice nun that was there, she rushed me up to look out the window to see him going off in his car." Lee said despite the sad story - it's one that she needed to tell. SOUNDBITE: Philomena Lee saying (English): "That was the era when it was terrible, you were ostracized to no end if you had a (baby out of marriage), and of course a lot of the women, the families disowned them, like myself my dad disowned me, and we