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The Wendy's Restaurant Corporation filmed a commercial with three elderly women in 1984 - The purpose of the commercial was to distinguish the higher quality difference between Wendy's Menu compared to the menu's of their competitors. While Wendy's Restaurants served superior quality food, this was not a focal point in Wendy's commercials before 1984. Once the 1984 "Where's The Beef?" commercial began airing on television, television watchers could not get enough of this new commercial. It was impossible to go about your business at work without hearing this new hip popular catchphrase "Where's The Beef?" This commercial put Wendy's Restaurants at the same level as its competitors (if not at a higher level at that time). This goes to show that creativity and imagination, when meshed together and the pieces fit perfectly with one another, a commercial can make and/or break a fast food chain. In this case, Wendy's Restaurants struck gold with this commercial.