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Top political ideologies explained using cows. Top Ten , Top 10, Top Political Ideologies 10. SOCIALIST--You have two cows-- the government takes one and gives it to your neighbor who has no cows. 9. REPUBLICAN--You have two cows--You neighbor has none, so what; let him work and buy his own cow. 8. DEMOCRAT--You have two cows--and you keep them both but send the IRS over to the Republican's house and take one of his cows. [And the liars call it "Taxing the rich", Yeah right, like I am rich] 7. COMMUNIST--You had two cows--the government took the both and now they send you a bottle of milk once a month if you walk the party line. 6. FASCISM--You have two cows--the governments seizes both and then sells you the milk [Shades of Obama and GM] 5. AMERICAN STYLE SOCIAL DEMOCRAT--You had two cows--the government keeps raising your taxes until you can't afford to fed your cows so you have to sale. 4. CAPITALISM--You have two cows--you sell one, then buy a bull and grow a herd. 3. BUREAUCRACY--You have two cows--Government takes both, they shoot one and milk the other. They sell a portion of the milk and pour the rest out. 2. HINDUISM--You have two cows--you worship both cows while your family starves. 1. TALIBAN--You have two cows--you turn them lose in the dessert where they starve to death, and then you blame the godless American infidels.