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Some of the powerful politicians of 2013 who have kept working hard and made most of their country population proud of them. 10. Bashar Al-Assad Bashar al-Assad Son of Hafez-al-Assad who ruled Syria for about 30 years, Bashar-al-Assad has been the President of Syria since 2000 after his father passed away. Graduating from the medical school the University of Damascus Bashar later worked as a physician in the Syrian Army. Despite of all the difficu 9. Hassan Rouhani Hassan Rouhani Lawyer, Academic, cleric, diplomat, Iranian politician Hassan Rouhani is a recently elected as the President of the country. He has been the part of the politics since 1989 and since then has been serving Supreme National Security Council, Expediency Council, Center for strategic research and other political firms. After being registered in May, Hassan took tical career. 8. Jacob Zuma Jacob Zuma The President of South Africa Jacob Zuma takes the eighth rank on the list. Serving the country from 1977, Jacob had been elected as the president in the year 2009 by his party. He had been holding some corruption charges which were later declared as unlawful and despite of ot 7. Angela Merkel Angela Merkel German politician, Angela Merkel has been the Chancellor of Germany since 2005 is the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since 2000 and is the only women to hold the position in both the places. She entered the field of politics in 1989 when she became the spokesperson of the East German Government. Angela is awarded with many awards some of which are, Vision for Europe award, Charlemagne Prize and B'nai B'rith Europe award. She has also been put on the 'World's 50 most influential figures' in 2010. 6. Tayyip Erdogan Tayyip Erdogan-Top 10 Powerful politicians of 2013 Since 2003 till now, Tayyip Erdogan is the 25th Prime Minister of Turkey. Graduated of an Islamic high school, Imam Hatip School, Tayyip has been the Mayor of an important city of Turkey that is Istanbul...