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Directed by : Manuel Pradal Produced by : Emotion Pictures (monfilm productions) Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 2 h 15 min French release: 29/01/2003 Production year: 2000 Matt Benson, FBI inspector, is sent to Salina island, in the Eolian archipel, as part of a joint venture between the U.S.A. and Italy. The cosy house, with a view of the Ginostra volcano, that he’s been allocated, delights his wife Jessie and their child. A few months after their arrival, 13-year-old Ettore Greco, a mafia victim, seeks out the “American,“ with whom he wants to talk, for he has no faith in local justice. Matt decides to shelter Ettore in the family home for security reasons. This casual adoption slowly reveals a tragic secret that Matt and the child share, unbeknownst to Matt’s wife. From secrets to lies, the atmosphere in the house becomes increasingly unbearable. Tension builds, ready to explode. Only the strength of their love can counter inexorable fate.More info: