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In this edition: African migrants' ongoing protests in Israel; China’s leaders urged to show more transparency; and what it’s like to be a colour-blind person behind the wheel.AFRICAN MIGRANTS PROTEST ISRAEL DETENTION LAWThousands of African migrants have gone on strike and taken to the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, for the third day in row. The 72 hour strike began on Sunday and is to protest against Israel’s new open-ended law adopted last month that allows asylum seekers and refugees to be jailed and held without trial for up to a year.Three days of unprecedented protests in Israel: as we can see from these amateur pictures, tens of thousands of African migrants gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rabin square on Sunday. And on Monday broke off into groups to protest in front of the German, Swedish and British embassies amongst others, to challenge foreign political representatives over the difficulties facing asylum seekers in Israel.Israeli web users have been adding their support to the migrant workers movement. Members of the “Freedom4Refugees” Facebook group for example are calling on Israel to stop the systematic arrests of asylum seekers and refugees and to stop treating them like criminals. CALLS FOR MORE TRANSPARENCY IN CHINA Fan Zhongxin is a man of his word. One year ago the law professor at Hangzhou university in eastern China posted a bet online saying China would require officials nationwide to publicly declare their assets of 2013, he promised to crawl on hands and knees for 1 kilometer if he was wrong. The academic did lose his wager and as we can see in this footage filmed by his wife and doing the rounds on Chinese social networks, he spent two hours last week crawling around a lake.... Go on reading on our web site.Visit our website:http://www.france24.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: