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God, I love Xenoblade. If it's not one of the best RPG's of this generation, it's definitely in the top 3, and it's an absolute must-buy for anyone who owns a Wii.Funnily enough, soon after I finished recording the playthrough I learned that Nintendo of America had finally decided to release Xenoblade in the US (next April, in fact!), and that really makes me happy. Everyone should have an oppurtunity to play Xenoblade, and the thought of Americans having to put up with the shit we had to in Europe back in the 90's (missing out on Chrono Trigger and Super Mario RPG, to give a couple of examples), all due to the decision of a certain branch of a company was rather hard to take.But, I digress. Onto what this playthrough's about! As you can see by the title, this was recorded over on the HellfireComms Livestream on (link below). As such, you may hear me addressing people in the chat, asking for help or instructions on where to go next and whatnot. This was my first time playing, and the reactions are genuine. If, however, you find that there's commentary there that wasn't before, that's because I went back in post and added in new stuff for parts where there was /too much/ dead air.One last thing:The story of Xenoblade is riddled with twists and turns. If you're planning to pick up the game anytime soon, I'd definitely recommend you skip this playthrough until you're done with it.Enjoy!