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Directed by : Martin Valente Produced by : Elia Films Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 47 min French release: 20/06/2007 Production year: 2006 There are days when fate makes lives interweave, when solitude ceases because of chance encounters, or when an event reshapes the directions of several people’s lives. Six characters will cross paths, get together, leave each other, and find each other again when nothing predisposed them to ever meet. However, a bond exists between them, and fate will take care of reminding them of the fact. Sara, who has just lost her job, is dragged along for a fun weekend in Portugal by her friend Isa. Paul, whose latest film was a resounding flop, unwillingly goes to a festival in Lisbon. Yves, a pharmacist, has recently put his life into order. But this morning a dog decides otherwise. Nina, a musician, takes advantage of a concert tour to go and see her seven-year-old son who she hasn’t seen for months. It’s been weeks since Vince, a police captain, goes to hospital each day to play his guitar – and his playing hasn’t improved.,br> Hélène can’t stand the idea of being a grandmother. She stands it even less when she asked to look after her grandson Ross. More info: