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The trial of Egypt’s deposed President Mohammed Mursi has been delayed due to bad weather.Egypt is on edge ahead of his court appearance.Mursi and 14 other members of the Muslim Brotherhood are accused of inciting the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in December 2012.Mursi, ousted by the military last July, insists he is the rightful president and is being held against his will.His supporters claim the trial is politically motivated:“Actually, Mursi is not an ousted president; he is a president who has been kidnapped and is still the legal president. I don’t accept this trial at all.”Others believe Mursi must answer to the courts:“Speaking of Mursi’s trial, I agree that he should be punished because he has committed serious offenses against Egypt and Egyptians. He did not fulfill his promises on changing the current situation and improving sanitation, and he did not carry out the 100-day plan.”Since his removal from power the interim government has moved against the Muslim Brotherhood arresting thousands and classifying it as a terrorist organisation.