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Iran's foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif met his Turkish counterpart in Istanbul Saturday to discuss Syria and Iraq. The two leaders sat down amid tensions in the region. At a new conference Zarif said they found common cause when it comes to Syria. (SOUNDBITE) (Farsi) IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTER, MOHAMMAD JAWAD ZARIF, SAYING: "Both countries strive for the well-being of the Syrian people. All countries should help the people of Syria so they can come to a compromise and reach a solution that is acceptable for all the fragments of society and this can only be obtained with elections. The public should make their decision with general elections." He also said he hoped an election will restore peace in Iraq, which has seen a recent upsurge in violence. (SOUNDBITE) (Farsi) IRANIAN FOREIGN MINISTER, MOHAMMAD JAWAD ZARIF, SAYING: "When it comes to Iraq, we hope that they will hold elections successfully and they will manage to establish a governmen