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A new study by a British think tank says the number of obese people in developing countries is outnumbering those in richer countries. The Future Diets report by the Overseas Development Institute says the number of overweight people in countries with middle incomes is about 900 million... in high income countries that number is about 570 million. Steve Wiggins, the author of the report, explains why. (SOUNDBITE) (English) STEVE WIGGINS, OVERSEAS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE AND AUTHOR OF "FUTURE DIETS" REPORT, SAYING: "It is associated with incomes and urbanisation and a more sedentary lifestyle, so it is those emerging countries which have done the best at raising their incomes. It's the middle income countries, it is the Chinas, it is the Mexicos, which are the countries which are seeing the highest rates of overweight and obesity at the moment." Processed fast food, sugary drinks and sedentary lifestyles are largely to blame. But there are some countrie