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Investigators have been examining the site of a powerful bomb attack in Beirut which has claimed the lives of at least five people according to media outlets and officials. Over sixty have been injured.Human remains in addition to the five confirmed dead were found near the car suggesting a suicide attack security sources said.The blast rocked the district of Haret Hareik in the city an area that’s a stronghold of Hezbollah and reportedly not far from a headquarters of the Shi’ite group.The explosion caused widespread damage to nearby buildings. The Lebanese capital has been hit by a series of bombs in recent months, much of it linked to the war in neighbouring Syria.Last Friday a former finance minister died in a car bomb that also killed four other people. Mohamad Chatah was a strong critic of Hezbollah.The Syrian conflict has polarised opinion in Lebanon, increasing sectarian tensions.Hezbollah has sent fighters to join the forces of President Bashar al-Assad. Sunni Muslims have gone to Syria to fight for rebels trying to topple his government.