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The lifting of restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians working in several European Union countries has not seen plane loads of them heading west and the leaders of Bulgaria and Romania have dismissed invasion fears.Some right-wing British politicians are particularly alarmed but Damian Draghici, an adviser to Romania’s prime minister, said that is nonsense: “I believe that this is more of a political game… or a way to blow things out of proportion. I don’t think Romanians are going to invade England.”Tjobs, a leading employment recruitment agency in Romania, revealed that recently fewer people there have been asking about jobs in Britain.Mihai Fertig, an operator of coach services from Romania to the UK, said he is not counting on a boom in business: “The majority of the people who want to work abroad are already there. We expect, because of the opening of the market, that bookings will increase by maybe 10 percent.”Making the point that he considers the fears to be overblown, opposition British lawmaker Keith Vaz – himself an immigrant – went to a London airport for the new year’s first incoming flight from Romania.Vaz, who chairs the parliamentary Home Affairs Committee did say there has to be a sensible response: “I think we do need to work out a strategy for dealing with the issue of freedom of movement, and the restrictions of people coming to work in the UK, and unless we do that we’ll have more drama and more crises in years to come.”Responding to political pressure, British Prime Minister David Cameron did rush through a series of measures to ban EU migrants from claiming unemployment benefits when they first arrive in the UK. They would have to wait three months before they could apply. That didn’t stop the tabloid Daily Express running a banner front-page headline on Wednesday reading ‘Benefits Britain Here We Come! Fears as migrant flood begins’.Bulgaria’s President Rosen Plevneliev has urged Britons to ignore negative tabloid headlines and look...