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HAPPY NEW MONTH JAN AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 Hello WorldWide Community, It is a blessing an a pleasure to share with you the happenings at Juniques Multi Cultural Connections, Reaching the 11 Trillion Dollar Multi Cultural Commerce. PRINCIPLES THAT WORK 1. GET OUT OF CREDIT DEBT, AS SOON AS YOU CAN. 2. SAVE 20% OF YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND INVEST IN YOU. 3. OWN A BUSINESS ( HOME BASE IS RECOMMENDED) 4. CREATE YOUR LEGACY, ONE YOU WILL WANT YOUR LOVE ONES TO INHERIT We have had some great additions to JMCC 1. The Seniors and Elders Economic Development program design to help those born between 1900 and 1964 to prosper. Our silver coin benefit ( for paid $10 per month member) is super. Every 4 months SEED members will receive a silver coin for having an active membership plus all other benefits of the program. 2. Wellness Center, to help people develop and maintain great mental and physical health. Working with wellness professional who want to share their information on alternate ways to keeping oneself in great physical and mental condition. These professionals are well seasoned in what they offer and will share there knowledge with you. 3. JMCC Inner Circle, industry professional in business building. You are welcome to get the knowledge from these industry professional. These are the same professional , I have been so fortunate to have access to! There expertise can save many hours and much money in better yourself in the business world. Yes, JMCC is growing and attracting international attention from people seeking ways to connect with our growing Multi Cultural communities. You can gain access to all our services by opening your FREE personal account at Juniques Multi Cultural Connections. STAY A LEARNER!! ALWAYS STAY INVOLVED WITH GETTING POSITIVE EDUCATION THE LEARNED CAN GET STUCK!! MANY TIME USING OLD KNOWLEDGE THAT HAS CHANGED