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Originally published on December 12th, 2012. This video is under the commentary and satirical categories under the Copyright Act of 1976. [Video's I commentated on] "Blood on the Dance Floor Talks Controversy, Androgyny" "Dahvie Vanity's Bullying EXPOSED" "Sick of it All." - Response from Merch Guy of New Years Day [Other Videos on BOTDF] "DAHVIE VANITY AND MEEE (he licks maii cheek :3)" "BOTDF X times 3" [Blood on the Dance Floor is the Diarrhea of Music Facebook Page] [BOTDF's "Peaceful" Songs] "Blood On The Dance Floor - PLUR (Official Full Song)" "Blood on the Dance Floor - "Rise and Shine" (official music video)" "Blood On The Dance Floor - "Don't Want To Be Like You" "Blood on the Dance Floor - Worlds Away" [BOTDF "Non-PLUR" Songs] "Blood on the Dance Floor - "Clubbed to Death" Official Lyric Video" "Blood on the Dance floor- Scream for my Ice Cream [lyrics]" "Blood on the Dance Floor - Revenge Porn lyric video" "Blood On The Dance Floor - X X 3" "Blood On The Dance Floor- Happy Violentines Day lyrics" [Important Links Below] GATG BACK UP: GATG Personal FB: GATG Facebook Page: GATG Twitter: GATG...