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Originally published on July 6th, 2013. This is the first collab video that Panda has ever done and since he found this evidence on Blood on the Dance Floor, why not have him join in on the GATG fun? Grab some junk food and caffeine and enjoy. [Shout Out to Panda Power] [Jail Dahvie Vanity FB Page] [BOTDF Facebook Post in Question] [Source's showing BOTDF's true colors] "Dahvie Vanity's Bullying EXPOSED" "TRUE BLOOD - THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND DAHVIE VANITY" "'Sick of it All' - New Years Day Merch Guy Telling All About BOTDF" "DAHVIE VANITY AND MEEE (he licks maii cheek :3)" "BOTDF X times 3" "Lady Nogrady Exposes BOTDF"!__july2012 "Dahvie Vanity: A true story about Blood on the Dance Floor" "Jeffree Star Tweets on BOTDF" "Tumblr Posts Relating to Ash Costello/BOTDF Feud" "DAHVIE FROM BOTDF GRODIER THAN ANTICIPATED" "Dahvie Vanity Speech" [BOTDF Interviews/News Clip(s)] "Blood On The Dance Floor - CBS Interview" "Blood on the Dance Floor Talks Controversy, Androgyny" "Dahvie Vanity of Blood on the Dance Floor Speaks About Bullying" "Jayy Von Monroe of Blood on the Dance Floor Speaks About Bullying" "Earplugsrequired...