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Niveau 3 ⇩⇩⇩ Paroles / Accords ⇩⇩ Clic sur Plus ⇩⇩⇩ [Em7] [G] [D4] [A4] [Em7]Today is [G]gonna be the day That they're [D4]gonna throw in back to [A4]you [Em7]By now you [G]should've somehow Rea[D4]lised what you gotta [A4]do [Em7]I don't believe that [G]anybody [D4]Feels the way I [A4]do about you [C9]now [D4] [A4] Backbeat the word is on the street That the fire in your heart is out I'm sure you've heard it all before But you never really had a doubt I don't believe that anybody feels The way I do about you now And [C9]all the roads we [D4]have to walk are [Em7]winding And [C9]all the lights that [D4]lead us there are [Em7]blinding [C9]There are many [D4]things that I would [Em7]Like to [D4]say to [G]you But I [D4]don't know [A4]how Because [C9]maybe [Em7] [G]You're [Em7]gonna be the one that [C9]saves me [Em7]? [G]And [Em7]after [C9]all [Em7] [G]You're my [Em7]wonder[C9]wall [Em7] [G] [Em7] Favebook