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"The search for Swamy begins in Malgudi. Swamy's father runs everywhere in search of him but could not find him. Swamy losing his way in the forest, is scared by the terrible sound and roaring of the animals and he falls asleep on the way. A cartman finds Swamy and takes him to the forest officer. He succeeds in finding the address of Swamy and sends message to the D.S.P., Rajam's father at Malgudi, about Swamy. On Sunday, the cricket match starts between M.C.C. & Y.M.U. Y.M.U. bats first and no bowler succeeds in restricting the Y.M.U. team scoring. They score a big total and ask M.C.C. to bat. But Rajam's team fails to get the runs and they lose the match. Swamy returns home with his father to his mother and grandmother. Thinking the day as Saturday, Swamy returns Malgudi with a lot of hope of winning the match against Y.M.U., the next day. But he was late. They were already lost the match. Rajam is very angry with Swamy as he is the main cause for their defeat. Swamy tries to meet Rajam and explain the situation and ask for his forgiveness. But his attempts are in vain. Then he learns from Mani that Rajam's father is transferred to Thiruchirapalli and they are leaving the next day. Swamy somehow manages to see Rajam in the Railway station and give him a book as gift. Swamy bics farewell to Rajam with his eyes full of tears."