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In a heartwarming report, roughly 19,000 adorable baby chicks are alive, thanks to a brave man who saved their lives. A pooch in San Francisco that was saved a mere moments before death, is now recovering at a local rescue facility. Perfectly named ‘Gem’ by staffers at the city’s Animal Care and Control, the ten-month-old Poodle mix is said to be doing just fine. Less than a week before Christmas, Gem was found on a rubbish sorting conveyor belt at a landfill. Thankfully employees at the facility saw the small female pooch and snatched her up before she was seriously injured or killed.Gem had been placed inside a trash bag. The alert workers noticed the bag moving and immediately stopped the belt to investigate. When they opened it up, the puppy was shaking in terror and whining.The staffers quickly called Animal Care and Control. Gem had wounds all over her blood covered neck. Her back legs were injured and she had bite marks behind her ears. Authorities believe she was thrown in a dumpster and picked up by a trash truck prior to arriving at the facility. In the meantime, hundreds of people have called animal control asking to adopt Gem, a pooch that has come to be known as the ‘miracle dog’.