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Along with my question to the viewer, I have a question for the producers of A&E. How could have possibly not know Phil's views on homosexuality if the focus on the show is about that family, which has shown in every episode, interview, and so on, is that they're a faith based family and they go by the Bible? If it bothers you so much that they have that view because of their religious belief, why bother making a show based on them in the first place? Was it not explained behind the scenes to you about how they are with their faith? Or is it only bad if they actually talk about homosexuality? For the record, I 100% disagree with Phil Robertson's views but I'm not going to go apeshit like how some people are. The fact that people compare homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia is ignorant, stupid, and doesn't make your argument any better. In fact, it makes you look horrible regardless of your intentions. [Shout out to RIS] [Article(s)] "Phil Robertson's suspension from 'Duck Dynasty' sends fans rallying to his side" " 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Makes Anti-Gay Remarks, Says Being Gay Is A Sin [UPDATED]" "Why 'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson's Anti-Gay Remarks Hit a Nerve" [Ramage Inc's Page - AWESOME BAND SHOUT OUT!!!] [Aeon Zen Links] [David Micic's Info]