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“MY FAVOURITE SONG”Sonny Boy Mick“We all live for those magic moments in life when everything just seems to go right, like a pro athlete who joins the big leagues and wins the cup in his first visit to the finals. Some people spend their whole careers trying to duplicate that success and feeling, they never stop to enjoy the small moments, never savouring them -- waiting for moments of holding the “cup” until later in their career only to find sometimes it never happens at all, usually taking those moments for granted. We need to focus on the small magic moments that happen in our everyday life, be it on the big stage or the small one. Doing it because of what started us out as kids along that path - the love of that magic moment! We never really know how or why special things come along, but when they do, you can’t plan them, they just seem to happen. So don’t let them pass you by - enjoy the ride!”“Shine up those dancing shoes” Sonny Boy Mick - Un savoureux mélange de