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This video is about Rihanna's new video Pour It Up and her impersonation of Carlene, Patra, and Lady Saw, NOT JOSELINE HERNADEZ. I want you guys to know these ladies because Rihanna has made herself a fortune impersonating and not properly citing her sources. Rihanna lacks originality but worse character when she fails to recognize in any form her predecessors. I grew up listening to PATRA, the real BAD GIRL OF ALL OF WEST INDIES. I loved CARLENE and her platinum blonde finger wave short wigs and her flamboyant attire. Lady Saw, yes, the bad gal. Jamaica stand up and let the world know about these beauties that herald from the beautiful island of Jamaica, my love, my other home besides Cote d'Ivoire. Until the day I set foot in Jamaica, I will let them know about your light and your vivacity. BIG UP TO JAMAICA!***************************************************Patra's video ROMANTIC CALL: WORKER video:Chaka Demus & Plyers MURDER SHE WROTE (MEET CARLENE):********************************************MAKE SURE YOUR BRIGHTNESS IS FULLY ON WITH YOUR COMPUTER. Please watch in 1080p OR 720p for a better rendition. Find the "Quality" button by holding the mouse over the video, near the Youtube logo, you will find a sort of wheel icon.******I NEED LOVE, GIRL!******HOW TO REACH ME______________________My Blog: Facebook: Instagram: marleneaymoneMy Twitter: @marleneaymoneMy Fashiolista: business inquiries: marlene@marleneaymone.comMy hair website: Beautylish: HAIRI am wearing the following: Olga's Braid Silver Spring, MD (240) 370-9569Contact me if you have any questions at marlene@marleneaymone.com_________________________________________________Basic Foundation Routine Info:Basic Full Routine Info:Primer:1. NYX Pore FillerFoundation...