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"Araattu" (1979) is a Malayalam Movie. Directed by I. V Sasi. Starring Balan K.Nair, Vincent, Shankaradi, Jose, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Seema & others. Arattu is saying about the the lives of people who are behind the fire woks in Festivals. The story happens in a Village. Where two families are competing each other in fire works. In every festivals they stand as opposite and compete in the fire works. Patross & His son Antony is the first crew. Philipose & his son Joyi are the other. Chacko is the partner of Philipose. Chacko's daughter is Lisi.Joyi is in affair with Meri. Vareed is the helper of Philipose. His daughter Meri is a blind girl. Uthupu is a Mentally chalenged guy, who is a relative of Chacko. Chacko is a cruel man, he finds his pleasure in woman. His hobby was to hurt woman with his cigar. The same he always do to his wife too. Philipose's team always wins the competitions, which makes Antony very disappointed and angry. Because of this Antony & Joyi gets in to clashes most time. Movie starts with the fire work in a temple festival. As usual Philipose wins it too. The next camera goes to their families. Here you may find some romantic snaps with Joyi & Lisi. Meri's step mother tortures her for silly simple reasons.Mean while Chacko and philipose gets in to clashes regarding the revenue sharing. They splits up and Chacko joins with Patross. Uthuppu shows his intention to Marry Mery . But Chacko sets some demands for it. He asks to dislodge Philipose's next fire work. For his daughter Vareeth dos so. And in the next festival Philipose's fire works got smashed, thus Patross wins the tittle. Antony also wishes to marry Lisi. Chacko agrees for that. This makes the movie more dramatic. Next is Uthuppu marries Meri. But at the night of their marriage Chacko makes him drunk. And instead of him Chacko goes to her. The next day Meri tells to Lisi that she got hurt with a cigar. lisi realises what really happend last night. And she tells his mother about it. Meri suic