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Originally published on December 11th, 2011.It's been a year since we did our 2 part video on our reaction to BOTDF and we've gotten a lot of hate from the fangirls and some praise from them (glad that there are some fans that appreciate good humor) as well as praise from the haters of BOTDF. There's plenty of more material to make more parts of these videos, just thought we'd give you guys a treat with our awesome 'dramatic reading' skills. Hope you enjoy.[Important Links Below]GATG BACK UP: Personal FB: Facebook Page: Twitter: DailyMotion:'S ORIGINAL MUSIC:'S GUITAR COVERS: & JOE777K7 PROJECT: SKYPE: "Stoutmeister (OfficialGATG)"GATG EMAIL:[Credits]Matthijs Van Den Hoven "Enigmatic"[Matthijs's Channel]