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One thousand years ago a boat load of Vikings arriving in London would have been intent on rape and pillage, but in 2013 a group of their modern day counterparts landed on Monday near Tower Bridge on a mission of peace.Feeling guilty of centuries ago extorting gold from the Brits to make them go back to Denmark, the “friendly” marauders have agreed to return the dosh.Claus Gruber who is the Danish Ambassador to the UK explained:“Exactly one thousand years here in December is when Forkbeard was crowned King of England, and we come now in peace with a group of Vikings who will give back some of the danegeld (gold) that we took at that time. We do that in order to show that we come in peace and in order to celebrate the common heritage between our two countries.”So, gold duly returned, those celebrations include events both in England and Denmark recreating a real taste for authentic Viking life and culture.And of course organising a booze up with the boys.