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Ilakkangal (1982) is a Malayalam Classic Romantic movie.Directed by Mohan. Starring Nedumudi Venu, Sudha, Adoor Bhasi, innocent & others. This is a family movie highlighting about the feelings of love. The Story start with a scene from railway station. Shankaradi waiting with his servant for his only son Unni (Nedumudi Venu). Unni is working is ranchi (North India). But he did not come on that day. Next the camera goes to his home. Unni's family is a Royal family His mother (Kaviyoor Ponnama) and a relative girl Amminikutti. Amminikutti lives in there doing house hold works. The whole movie goes through the romantic feeling of Ammini towards Unni. Although Unni never see her yet her, she imagines the romance with unni. There are some side roles like Kousalya the servant and Innocent, who is taking care of cows. After some days Unni arrives he was late due to flood. Amminikutty feel shy to look at him. And you may find such scenes enlarging this shyness. The rest of story goes through Amminikutty's romantic dreams.But she never tells about her love to him. She take care of him very good. But Unni never behaves with a romantic eye to her. In the climax again the railway station comes. Every one gets sad when he goes. Unni gives money to every one before he gets to train including Amminikutty. The story ending with the weeping of Amminikutty. Throughout the story we may find the beauty of true love and the love never knows.A really good classic love story.