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Available from Introduction from Bill AbbottIn 2006 Lou Leventhal was contributing to an an online forum about a ring flight routine that he had just performed for over 25 000 people at Reunion Arena in Dallas Texas. This seemed impossible to me. I had to find out what he was doing to make a traditionally close-up effect play in such a large venue for such a huge audience I paid Lou a significant sum of money for a DVD performance of the routine and the right to perform it in my paid shows. After viewing the performance I realized that I had just got the deal of a lifetime and immediately started working on the routine. Fast forward to 2011. I have just returned from a great few days with Lou at his home in Saskatoon Saskatchewan where I had the joy of shooting one of the most incredible instructional DVDs I have ever had the privilege to produce. If youve ever dreamed of rocking a crowd of thousands with a trick that fits in your pocket - The Sting is for you A Message from Lou LeventhalI have been performing a large illusion program for almost 30 years in North America South America Europe amp Asia. There is one routine that I will always perform at every one of those shows and that is The Sting. This routine gives the audience a chance to get to know me to see that Im a fun guy and to interact with a volunteer on stage in a positive way that sets a tone for the rest of the show. After all the big illusions and magic I do in the show The Sting is the one effect that everyone mentions as being a standout for them after the show The Good NewsThe good news is that you now have an opportunity to learn from Lous 30 years experience performing this one killer routine Lou explains every tip and trick that he has gleaned over the thousands of paid performances to flatten out your learning curve and get you up and running asap. Everything from the right clip to use the best ring flight device to choose how to manage th