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Available from Popularly known as The King of Korn Karrell Fox was truly one of magics singular characters. He was a superb performer in almost every branch of the magical craft - comedy mentalism childrens entertaining trade show presentations and more. At sixteen years of age he managed a magic shop and then went on to appear on famous television shows such as The Ed Sullivan Show. He also appeared weekly in his own TV spots as Milky the Clown a series which lasted many years. As an ideas man Karrell topped the lot with clean-cut notions that are practical in working and effective in performance. Every one of the following routines is performed and explained on this DVD X-Ray Glasses - A selected card is revealed in an amazing - and hilarious - manner. Easy to do yet incredibly commercial. Flip-Over Cards - Four matchbooks turn a simple four-Ace production into a piece of theater. The basic method can also be used for four selected cards. Why Not Papers 2 Bills - Five pieces of newspaper instantly turn into five one-dollar bills in a very visual trick thats easy to construct and perform. Perfect for trade shows Loop Lift - A Foxy way of cutting and restoring a rope - easy to do yet very commercial. This method can stand on its own or be added easily to any existing routine. Mene-Tekel Book Test - A freely-selected page is torn from a magazine and kept out of sight yet the performer is able to describe the contents of the page in exacting detail. A clever ruse eliminates all of the memory work usually needed for this type of effect. Papa-Rose - Two pieces of tissue paper - colored red and green - are bunched together and magically turned into a real flower that can be given to the spectator. Sealed Stab Prediction - A card is selected by a spectator by sliding an envelope into the middle of a pack of cards. The selection is then shown to match the performers prediction contained inside of the envelope. Jig-Sa