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Available from In the world of magic theres no one who is held in higher esteem than Johnny Thompson. As a performer hes traveled all over the world performing on some of its most prestigious stages and has appeared on network television numerous times. As a creator and advisor his advice and counsel have been sought by many of magics top performers. If your desire is to learn magic - and we mean really learn magic - then there simply is no better resource than this DVD as Johnny Thompson demonstrates some of magics classic effects and then teaches you how to perform them expertly. Everything performed and taught here has been hand-picked by Johnny for both maximum impact and ease of learning. These are the perfect tricks to begin your exploration of the exciting world of magic - and even more experienced magicians will learn a thing or two And as a special bonus youll see Johnny perform his legendary routine with the Malini Egg Bag This is truly magic made easy Sense of Touch - A shuffled deck is placed into the performers pocket who then is able to expertly extract the four Aces. Out of My Hands - Two packets of cards are given to two spectators who shuffle them and select a card. The selected cards are exchanged and the packets shuffled again and though all of this occurs without the performer touching any of the cards he is able to easily find both selections. Whispering Queen - A Queen is removed from a shuffled deck. A card is selected and returned to the deck which is shuffled again. The performer passes the Queen through the deck and then holds it to his ear. The performer then reveals the name of the selected card My Card Finds Your Card - A shuffled deck is divided into halves and the performer and spectator each take a card from one of the halves. The cards are returned and cut but when the deck is reassembled its found that the performers card is right next to the spectators selection. You Do As I Do