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Available from The Bizarre Magic Show performed on this volume is not for every audience as its themes are dark somewhat disturbing and sometimes even bloody. However in the right venue and for the right audience these pieces can be some of the most memorable magic youll every perform for any audience. And though the central theme is material thats really only suitable for adults and teen audiences theres a wide variety of plots and methods in play that will interest magicians of all types.After a somber introduction Dan begins the show with Book of Blood an ingenious use of an ancient principle that really sets the mood for what the audience is about to experience. Harlan then performs Needle Thru Arm with props that youll later learn how to make yourself. The performance however is definitely not for the squeamish Psychotic Surgery concludes the first trio of effects and while this demonstration is not what it sounds like (that comes later in the show...) it is an astounding version of the Torn and Restored Card that will leave your spectator with an amazing souvenir. Harlan gets even darker in the middle set as he begins with Deviled Egg a demonstration that purports to cleanse a spectator of werewolfs blood with ample gooey evidence at the effects conclusion to support the claim. Then Dan weaves a story of a card game between God and the devil with the prize the soul of an audience member. To close out this portion of the show Harlan turns to another classic as he apparently swallows and then threads five sharp razor blades in a piece he calls Sharp Taste. As he begins the final segment of the show Dan weaves a story of birth death and rebirth in Baby Balloon in which an inflated balloon is burst and then is not only restored but re-inflated Psychic Surgery is a bloody and compelling demonstration of the techniques of purported psychic surgeons in remote lands who are able to remove malignant parts of the huma