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Available from The Manipulation Show that youll see on this volume demonstrates how a performer can create the feel of a large stage production and yet fit everything thats needed for the show in a small briefcase. Though the central theme is material for a semi-silent stage manipulation act theres a wide variety of plots and methods in play that will interest magicians of all types.The show begins with Dan performing the Dancing Cane where a walking stick takes on a life of its own floating in the air and moving apparently of its own volition. For the stunning climax the cane changes color and then instantly becomes two silk handkerchiefs. Harlans attention then turns to the candelabra at center. He touches the first candle and it immediately changes into a white silk handkerchief. Dan removes a second and under cover of a handkerchief it completely vanishes. Covering the last candle a blue handkerchief is shown and then vanished. The cover is removed and the blue handkerchief is found to be tied around the candle. To finish the routine Harlan removes the final candle and vanishes it just a few feet away from the amazed spectators. The finale for the first part of the act are the classic Billiard Balls where solid red balls vanish reappear and multiply in a variety of startling ways. A routine called Tight Rope begins the next trio of effects. A length of rope is displayed and a spectator is enlisted to help. In a series of confounding occurrences she apparently plucks off the ends of the rope leaving Dan with an endless circle of rope. The ends are restored and a second spectator is asked to assist. After the rope is magically cut using just the spectators finger the two ends are tied in a large knot and the rope is held at its ends by the two assistants. Harlan then slides the knot eventually untying it to show that the cut has apparently moved magically to a different location. Next is a piece Dan calls Silken