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Available from The Trade Show presentation on this volume demonstrates how a performer can generate mystery excitement and most of all a crowd in the very competitive trade show environment. Though all of the effects center on the central theme of working a trade show theres a wide variety of plots and methods in play that will captivate any group of spectators.The show begins with Repeat Business a version of the classic Six-Card Repeat thats guaranteed to generate interest as chances for the spectators to win a valuable prize seemingly multiply at Harlans fingertips. Then to underscore the benefits of the product or service being represented at the show Dan uses another classic bit of conjuring the Professors Nightmare in an effect he calls Price Quality Service. He finishes the first portion of the show with Loose Ends Harlans version of the Torn and Restored Napkin complete with the classic sucker ending thats sure to garner laughs and enhance the attention of the spectators. To begin the next set of effects Harlan uses two spectators and two torn dollar bills in Value a great re-working of Grants Million Dollar Mystery a piece he uses to underscore the companys money-back guarantee. Two one-dollar bills are openly torn in half and one half is given to the appropriate spectator while the other two halves are burned. The destroyed halves are not only restored but found to be in an impossible location that was under the spectators control at all times. This highly entertaining piece segues perfectly into Trust Me which features Dan smashing and then subsequently restoring a spectators borrowed wristwatch. To close out the set Harlan performs No Worries his take on Slydinis classic Paper Balls Over the Head a trick that plays huge and is perfect for building trade show audiences. In the final set Dan begins with a puzzling version of the Salesman Hotel Mystery using just a few playing cards yet leaving the onl