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Available from BEYOND STREET MAGIC FILMED LIVE ON LOCATION AT BURNING MAN AND LAKE TAHOE The middle of the Nevada desert. Four hundred square miles of nothing. Not even streets. Just 50 000 people attending the worlds largest art festival. Its Survival Magic and there are no spectators only participants in the most extreme conditions imaginable. Welcome to Burning Man and Magic at the Edge Since the dawn of time magicians have sought inspiration in the most unusual places. Burning Man is one of the most inspiring environments for performance magic in all the world. Youve seen Jeff McBride featured on A and Es Mindfreak Star Trek Deep Space Nine and VH-1s Celebracadabra. Now you can see Jeff in action performing his magic at one of the wildest places in the world the Burning Man Art Festival. But this is far more than just a performance video. It is a teaching video an exploration that searches for the very heart and soul of magic. Here is an inside look into the lifestyle of one of the worlds great magicians and how and why he seeks inspiration. Magic at the Edge offers magic for all skill levels with commentary from Eugene Burger and Jeffs wife Abbi McBride. They share their philosophies and techniques on performance. They teach you how you can add more meaning to your existing routines and use your magic to teach powerful lessons. Polish the magic you already perform and experience the wisdom of these masters of the art. DISC 1 MAGICIAN 24/7 EFFECTS TRIBAL PIERCING - An impromptu shocker Push your thumb through your ear-listen to the screams MAGIC WISHING RAINBOW - Your participants wish comes true with a surprise gift A lesson in eye contact and engagement. RAINBOW TO DOLLAR - You will conjure a rainbow from the air and transform it into real money your participant can keep WISHING RAINBOW/RAINBOW TO ROSE - The magic rainbow is back and transforms into the gift of a rose. An effect sure to melt the hear