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Available from Migration by Jordan Johnson MIGRATION - is a one-of-a-kind impossible location effect where a spectators card visually appears inside the ink well of a Sharpie marker. Heres what happens You pull out a standard un-gaffed deck of cards and offer one to a spectator. The card is lost in the deck. A Sharpie marker enters play and is opened up revealing the black ink cartridge. Then with a flick of the wrist and in plain view the spectators card appears in place of the cartridge. The card is then handed out immediately with no switches to be examined and verified. Youre left clean. Stunning Incredible Breathtaking. On-lookers faint and a group of tourist scream and run away in fear. Pretty soon you hear police sirens but theyre not there to arrest you theyre there to escort you to meet with a top-secret government operation that wants you to become a spy. Next thing you know youre jumping out of planes driving exotic sports cards travelling all over the planet entertaining royalty and heads of state and best of all using your magic - just like Harry Houdini did - to garner secretes and be a hero. Its good to be you. And all because you learned MIGRATION and performed it one day on the street as a random act of magic for some nice people. Crazy MIGRATION This is what real magic is supposed to look like Running Time Approximately 45min