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Available from Cards Across (Worlds Greatest Magic) Imagine the best magic the best magicians and the best producers all in one place. Imagine no more... Since the days of David Devant the idea of magically causing playing cards to move invisibly between two places has intrigued magicians and inspired them to come up with different twists and methodologies. Cards Across as the basic plot has come to be known is also of interest close-up and stage performers alike because of how well a strong performance of this trick plays for audiences. On this volume youll find some of magics best performers performing and explaining their own versions of this time-honored classic. Youll find basic but strong handlings from Bill Malone and Michael Skinner to more involved routines with the cards visibly vanishing and traveling twice such as in Dan Harlans routine. Bruce Cervon causes two signed cards to travel while in Juan Tamarizs version cards that were merely thought of move from one spectators hand to anothers. Youll also discover Michael Ammars routine with sealed envelopes with two selected cards traveling from one impossible place to another and Michael Closes hilarious take where the cards travel from one really impossible place to another. If youve been looking to add to a version of cars across to your close-up or platform repertoire this DVD is a veritable embarrassment of riches JUAN TAMARIZ Cards Across (Courtesy of Murphys Magic Inc) BRUCE CERVON The BC Cards Across MICHAEL SKINNER Cards Across (Courtesy of Meir Yedid Magic) DAN HARLAN Counter Cross MICHAEL AMMAR Cards Across MICHAEL CLOSE Butte Ox Two Butte Ox Running Time Approximately 1hr 38min