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Bigg Boss 7 has time and again chipped in a lot of controversies, be it by slamming the contestants for the in-house happenings or highlighting over some link up stories and melodramas. However, referring to the weekend episode, what caught our ear this time is when Salman slammed Ajaz for mentioning Kajol, Ajay Devgn and Tanuja's name on Bigg Boss 7! Wondering what's the back side story? Well, Ajaz has repetitively been interacting with the cameras stating Kajolji, Tanujaji, dekhiye Tanisha kya kar rahi hai ghar mein, hinting towards her relation with Armaan and mannerism! In fact, Ajaz had further also downed Tanisha's height by comparing her to the glam sham Devgn family. Now, this seems to have irked Salman to a larger extent! The actor pricked over this issue and rammed over Ajaz with a reaction stating that even if Ajaz stars in 3 seasons of Bigg Boss, Kajol, Ajay or Tanujajii, either of them wouldn't ever recognize him as anyone! Woah! We wonder if this is again a biased act towards Tanisha! You never know!