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The United States urged China on Tuesday to take measures in the East China Sea to ease tensions resulting from Beijing's decision to declare an air defense zone over disputed islands in the region. The move has triggered protests from the United States, Japan and South Korea and dominated a diplomatic trip to Asia by Vice President Joe Biden.Japanese Deputy Cabinet Secretary,Katsunobu Kato:The United States does not recognize China's newly declared air defense zone and U.S. military aircraft have been instructed to continue to operate normally in the area. With Ukraine's president out of the country and his opponents still boiling with anger, the country's political tensions appeared mired in a standoff as large protest rallies showed no sign of letting up. The opposition lost its attempt to topple the government by parliamentary means when a vote of no-confidence they called failed by a sizeable margin. Protest leaders, however disappointed, vowed to continue their demonstrations. Soon after the vote, about 5,000 protesters gathered outside the presidential administration building, then moved to the capital's central Independence Square, where the crowd grew to more than 10,000, according to police estimates. The opposition called for the parliamentary vote in protest both of President Viktor Yanukovych's shelving of a long-anticipated agreement to deepen political and economic ties with the European Union, and the violent tactics used by police to disperse demonstrators protesting that decision. The White House said on Tuesday it opposes a fresh effort by some in the U.S. Senate to impose new sanctions against Iran. Some senators have been discussing the idea of imposing new sanctions on Iran that would not take effect for six-months, which would allow time to see whether Tehran abides by the terms of a deal reached 10 days ago that attempts to contain its nuclear program. White House spokesman Jay Carney said even delayed sanctions were unacceptable...