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or★Paleo Diet Recipes★ - How The Paleo Recipe Book Can Improve Your Health !More info ►►Paleo Diet Recipes - How The Paleo Recipe Book Can Improve Your Health !EVER WONDERED WHAT OUR ANCESTORS USED TO EAT?EVER GIVEN A THOUGHT HOW OUR FOREFATHERS SURVIVED WITHOUT MODERN AMENITIES TO COOK FOOD AND STILL MANAGED TO DO ALL THAT INTENSE PHYSICAL WORK?You are not the first person to be pondering on these baffling questions. Thousands of years ago, people were taller, slender, athletic, healthier, and more versatile. This is because people from the Paleo generation had a healthier immune system, due to the natural fresh food they ate, and the kind of work they did in efforts for survival. During this era, people ate fresh meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and other natural foods. Their foods were packed with all the natural vitamins and nutrition that their bodies needed. They consumed foods which had more calories, but less fat for their energy needs, each day. Their regular diet helped them get the prescribed controlled weight and it contributed to maintain their natural strength, mind power, and endurance.COMPARE YOURSELF TO THOSE PEOPLE AND TELL ME WHERE DO YOU STAND?Today, thousands of individuals are overweight, high in cholesterol, stressed, suffering from depression, listlessness, and dying from diseases that can actually be prevented. The reasons behind such situations depend on the quality of food they consume, and the quantity of their daily food intake. The immune system simply protects threats against various diseases, and how to overcome them will depend upon the proper diet.BUT NOW THERE IS A WAY TO BRING BACK THOSE OLD DAYS! YOU TOO FAN BEW FIT AND STRONG LIKE YOUR ANCESTORS AND BE AS GOOD LOOKING AND HEALTHY TOO! HOW? BY ADOPTING WHAT IS KNOWN AS THE PALEO DIET!This diet plan originated millions of years ago, and it is referred to as the Cavemen