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DJ Sascha Stroschke,better known as DJ Curly Buuh,takes us first to the Neuwieser Viertel,one of the few areas of Saarbrücken not to have been destroyed in World War Two. The narrow streets of the late 19th-century quarter are perfect for strolling,and there are plenty of cafés to tempt you. With its many shops,the district really does feel like a village within a town. Die Winzer ,or The Vintners is Sascha's second tip. It's a place where you can by antiques and works of art,as well as sample some delectable wines. His last tip is the art silo,a former grain silo on the banks of a dead tributary of the River Saar. It has galleries,a temporary movie theater and studios on nine floors,where visitors can watch artists at work,or enjoy exhibitions,films and video art. And at weekends,the art silo is transformed into a salon,where you can begin the evening in typical chilled out Saarbrücken fashion. And with any luck,it'll be Sascha Stroschke,alias DJ Curly Buuh working the decks.